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Frequently Asked Question

The followings are frequently asked questions and answers raised up.

Once I enroll in Creative Engineering Education Program, Is it possible to advance from 1st year to 6th year directly?
In addition to obtaining the credits needed for continuing on to graduate school, you must also take an exam that will evaluate whether your level of achievement warrants advancing to the graduate school level. Even in the middle stage of the program, your academic progress will be constantly confirmed by your faculty members during the course of your studies, and you will receive guidance from them.
What degree will I earn through Creative Engineering Education Program?
Students receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (or a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences) upon completion of their four undergraduate years, and a Master’s Degree in Engineering (or Master’s Degree in Arts and Sciences) upon completion of graduate school.
What advancement options are there after completing Creative Engineering Education Program?
Graduates of this program can either find employment in industry, public institutes, research laboratories, and other places as human resources in demand by society, or they can advance to a doctoral program to conduct technology research and development at an even more advanced level.

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