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Messages from Faculty Members

Katsuhiro Inomata, Professor (Materials and Energy Course)


In the Materials and Energy Course under Creative Engineering Program, students pursue their studies by choosing a main specialization such as chemistry, bioengineering, materials, physics, electrical and electronics, mechanics, control, measurement, and so on based on the science and mathematics subjects that you have studied so far. As students engage with each other on these subjects, they gain a wide overview of various engineering technologies and develop into students who can create new monozukuri (craftsmanship: mono means object, zukuri means making). We NITech’s faculty members also look forward to creating this entirely new program together. We will strive to ensure that these six precious years — a time during which students come of age — pay off in the future. I hope you will accept the challenges offered by NITech’s new Creative Engineering Program and make your dreams come true.


Nobuhiro Inuzuka, Professor (Computer and Social Engineering Information and Society Course)


In the Information and Society Course under Creative Engineering Program, students consider new technology with a focus on computers and networks, artificial intelligence, media information, architecture and design, urban planning, management, and so on. Technology has the power to change society, and societies that have undergone the change require new technology. Students who study engineering must develop not only a sense of physical science but also observation skills for looking at society and communication skills for engaging in conversation. They also need English skills to play an active role as engineers in international society. In Creative Engineering Program, we are waiting for you to prepare the curriculum for these purposes. I believe that solid six years spent in this program will give students the practical skills and self-confidence to be pioneering engineers

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