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Students enrolled in the Creative Engineering Program will select one specialization just as the five NITech departments. As they do so, they experience a wide range of engineering fields and hone their sense of engineering from undergraduate studies through graduate school. Innovation in industrial technology requires two things: pursuing a deeper understanding of technology beyond basic principles, and linking technology to society along with discovering the true value of technology. NITech’s Creative Engineering Program is a novel education program to help students acquire skills that will enable them to make the connection between technology and its value. Students who complete this program are expected to become engineers and researchers who will revolutionize the future society by technology.
Engineers and researchers need to learn how to make the connection between mathematical theory for modeling phenomena and hands-on experience such as equipment fabrication and experiments. In Creative Engineering Program, students will challenge engineering issues from a variety of angles with their sense of engineering in a wide range of fields, and they will be trained to be engineers who can contribute to innovations by developing novel products and services.


Admission to Graduation

Creative Engineering Program balances specialization with general skills.

Main specialization subject

is one field of specialization that you study thoroughly in order to build a foundation for acquiring a broader sense of engineering. Creative Engineering  Program offers two courses of study: Materials and Energy Course and Computer and Social Engineering Course. At a stage of entrance exam, you may apply for either course of study. After admission, during the first semester of the first year is started, you will choose a field of specialization in response to 13 fields of these two courses to be your “main specialization” in the future. From the beginning of the second semester of the first year, a faculty member in the chosen field of specialization will be assigned to serve as a mentor, and you will take classes to acquire your field of specialization.

Creative engineering design subjects

are subjects covering a wider range of specialization, which you choose for yourself through consultation with your mentor. For example, if your goal is the development of new materials to solve environmental problems, you can consider studying subjects related to bioengineering or life sciences with Physical Science and Engineering as your main specialization. In order to develop the technologies needed for the smart cities of the future, knowledge of urban planning and architectural/design would also be required, along with a main specialization in Computer Science. You can choose these subjects after considering your study plans and future career plans with your mentor.

Engineering design subjects

are subjects that provide general skills of engineering. You can learn Introduction to Creative Engineering, Critical Thinking, Creative Methodology, Systems Theory, Design Theory, Innovation Theory, and PBL Training. These subjects will teach you methodology to observe, analyze, and solve diverse engineering problems from a variety of viewpoints. They also provide the communication skills needed to work as a team and practical engineering skills in order to carry this out. They cover engineering in a comprehensive manner from theory to practice; teaching design skills for connecting human psychology and social frameworks to the technology they require, systems theory for understanding how disparate elements work together as a whole, and approaches to innovation that enable technology to change society. These subjects are taught by many different kinds of faculty members with plentiful experience in the business world who possess expertise related to knowledge management, technology management, design, and so on.

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