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Students enrolled in the Creative Engineering Program will select one specialization just as the five NITech departments. As they do so, they experience a wide range of engineering fields and hone their sense of engineering from undergraduate studies through graduate school. Innovation in industrial technology requires two things: pursuing a deeper understanding of technology beyond basic principles, and linking technology to society along with discovering the true value of technology. NITech’s Creative Engineering Program is a novel education program to help students acquire skills that will enable them to make the connection between technology and its value. Students who complete this program are expected to become engineers and researchers who will revolutionize the future society by technology.
Engineers and researchers need to learn how to make the connection between mathematical theory for modeling phenomena and hands-on experience such as equipment fabrication and experiments. In Creative Engineering Program, students will challenge engineering issues from a variety of angles with their sense of engineering in a wide range of fields, and they will be trained to be engineers who can contribute to innovations by developing novel products and services.


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