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Based on recent development in science and technology and intensifying globalization, there is increasing demand from society for human resources who can deeply seek novel technologies and principals, and additionally, who have ability to create new values and things by combining various technological elements in engineering field. In response to these diversifying demands, NITech has established a new six-year integrated undergraduate and graduate course, “Creative Engineering Program”, in April 2016. In order to nurture human resources who can seek deeply in the main specialized field as well as create new values and things from a broad perspective of whole fields of engineering, various unique target-oriented curriculum and six-year integrated educational program are available. The object of Creative Engineering Program is to nurture future researchers and engineers having knowledge of engineering in a wide range of fields during the integrated six years from undergraduate studies through graduate school. We are afraid that some high school students may be feeling nervous because Creative Engineering Program is newly established and never experienced educational program. However, all of the faculty members in this program will be assigned to each student as a mentor, who will give advice on study objectives, the student’s future, and so on. We are strongly hoping that you will challenge to create future technology with us in this Creative Engineering Program with your young power and insatiable curiosity.

Prof. Akinori Takasu Dean of Creative Engineering Program

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